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Good Fall Hunting

Good Bye Summer! Say hello to fall time and also to very cold weather.  Fall weather also brings things like brand new sweaters, hot chocolate, Halloween and different colored falling leaves everywhere.  This last one is not necessarily one of the best things about fall because the leaves make the sidewalks and driveways look real messy and it is a lot of hard work to pick them all up. So that is what this blog is all about!  If you are a teen that might need some extra money, the best way to make some in the fall is to start your own leaf raking business around your neighborhood.  You could start it by yourself or with a couple of friends. It’s easy to start a raking business; you only need a couple of things to get started, like a rake of course, big hefty bags for the leaves, and a whole lot of patience because it may take some time to get clients at first.  But that’s how life works sometimes and I think having friends in it with you is also better because the more people you have the more houses can get raked in a shorter period of time.  So that is more money in your pocket!  Another step to getting started is making flyers and hang them around your neighborhood to get the word out.  You can also take some of the flyers to your local community centers as they are also a way to get your business out to families. Now that I have passed my wisdom on to you, I hope some of you try this out and it is always good to make your own money.


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